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Forest trees grow on their own rules. They have the freedom to grow their limbs out up as high as they’ll grow and let old, weak limbs fall on the forest floor. ​

This is not the case for trees in our backyards and along our streets. They don’t have quite as much freedom and for good reason. We know the benefits of properly maintained trees. Not only it ensures healthy growth, but it also and eliminates safety risks. That’s where pruning comes in! 

Perhaps you have heard the term pruning, you know it benefits trees. This tree care method has something to do with trimming, but what exactly is pruning? Why are the benefits of pruning? 

Tree pruning

Pruning is when you selectively cut branches from a tree. It removes unwanted branches, improves the tree’s formation, and direct new, healthy growth.

Benefits of tree pruning

Pruning is essential for your trees. Proper pruning promotes the long-term health of your plants. It also ensures the tree look good and don’t become a safety hazard. You get all the following benefits when you trim your trees.

  • Remove dead, broken or damaged tree limbs.
  • Prevent branches from falling and damaging nearby property.
  • Pruning allows trees to grow healthy and helps new growth.
  • Pruning promotes proper tree growth, which prevents branches from overextending or stretching toward power lines.
  • Well trimmed trees look clean and polished and enhance your whole landscape.

You may consider hiring an expert in tree pruning service to do the job for you. They are well equipped to get the job done right and deliver the results you want for your trees.

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