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Tree pruning is essential in tree maintenance. To keep the tree’s aesthetic value and function you need proper care and maintenance. Qualified arborists do a great job in this field.

Some people prune their trees during winter. Is it good to prune in winter? Winter tree pruning service West Ipswich has advantages. It can help avoid some serious diseases that were made during spring and summer. Winter is a good time to check your trees. Since they will be able to see a clearer view of possible issues with the tree because of its foliage loss, such as a weak branch or insect damage, your local arborist will be able to get the best possible solution for your trees and help your tree before it is too late.

The cold months are also a suitable time for cabling and bracing the trees but make sure that you inspect the hardware every few years to ensure that the tree’s growth is progressing. You may have to do a couple of adjustments and replacements after.

The wintertime is also a good time to do tree removal if necessary. In the case that your tree is in poor condition, or there may be some possible risk on its location or the tree is dead, the tree can be removed.

Arborists do not immediately go with the removal unless there is no other choice. They do a visual inspection first to see what other alternative treatments they can do first to save the tree. Then they will execute the best course of action for the tree.

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