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Rodents and rabbits are small animals but they can do big damage to trees. These animals can damage the base of the tree trunk or even below the soil. They will chew the roots and bark of the tree, usually no higher than 2 feet up the trunk. ​

Animal damage to trees can be prevented. You can protect trees from animal damage.

Clean your surroundings. A small number of animal species can do significant damage to trees as most of them just want to survive and find food and shelter. Trees can provide them with the things they need. If they find woodpiles, easily accessible entryways, and unsecured trash cans your home can be the home of wild animals.

Install barriers. To discourage bigger animals from approaching your trees and destroying them, put up barriers. Bucks like to rub their antlers on trees which can damage the bark which can cause issues when not addressed. When you place a fence around your property’s perimeter, these large animals won’t be able to stroll around your property and use the. You can also use netting to use for your fruit trees to protect them from animals that might pick up on your harvest.

Relocate the animals. There is no need to kill the critters just so you can save your trees. You can humanely put some trap on your property and relocate these animals to a better location.

Reverse animal-related damage to trees. Professional arborists are well equipped to reverse the damage made by woodland creatures and have them restored to their natural beauty. Arborists can provide tree pruning service West Ipswich to remove dead branches and help trees regrow damaged portions.

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