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Tree pruning is a continuous method to maintain good growth and the cold months is the perfect time to do it. For young trees, early pruning can be good practice for them.

Pruning during its dormancy months (in winter) is good for the tree. Tree pruning in t cold months especially after the coldest part of winter has passed promotes vigorous burst of new growth when spring comes.

On the other side, bad pruning can damage tree growth. So before you prune your trees, consider these steps to make sure that the trees are properly managed.

Assess tree condition. When pruning shrubs and trees it’s essential to know the who, when, where, and why. The assessment should include knowing if the tree is still growing strong, the species and the place where the tree is located. This process of assessing trees help know tree health and condition and to determine how to trim the tree.

Cut bad branches. Remove damaged, dead and diseased branches. You should also look for weak branches and crossing branches.

Remove competing stems and branches. Get rid of the unwanted branches and this includes the removal of competing branches. You will have to focus on multiple branches that are connecting to the trunk at the same place as you want the tree to create better branch spacing by removing one each year.

Proper pruning method is essential for a healthy tree. Systematic pruning with the use of the right tools will help your trees to be healthier. You may also consider using a trusted tree pruning service Tivoli for that higher level of tree care and maintenance.

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