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One of the important tree care activity is trimming. Tree trimming can remove dead or diseased branches, reduce burdensome weight from the tree, and promote new and healthy growth. Tree trimming is only restorative when it is done right. Improper tree trimming can actually cause more problems for the tree than simply doing nothing. Here are some negative results of improper tree trimming.

Damaged Beauty

The trimmer should know where to make cuts as well as how to make them. Otherwise, it will affect the general outlook of the tree. Common mistakes include removing whole tops of the tree or large branches and/or trunks from the tops of the tree and cutting an excessive amount of branches from one area of the tree. Improper trimming will make the tree look awkward, and sometimes it affects the growth of the tree.

Diseased Branches

A cut into the wood means injury to the tree. The cut leaves open wounds on a tree, which can attract pests and organisms and cause infection. The cut may start to weaken the tree and the infection or infestation can damage the trees. It may also cause the tree to die. 

Sometimes the inner wood of the tree becomes less dense or even dies while the visible area may look fine. While trees may appear to look normal, the weakness in the inner wood will make the tree vulnerable. Severe weather or any jarring hit can cause branches to break or even entire trees to fall.

Property and personal damage

When trimming large branches, you may accidentally drop a branch onto the nearby property and do significant damage. It needs proper trimming techniques to avoid accidents.

Trimming trees is not without risk to the trimmer. It should be handled with care avoid hurt from falling branches, as well as accidental injury from trimming tools. These kinds of personal damage can be serious and even fatal. That’s why it is better to use professional tree pruning service Raceview.

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