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Tree pruning promotes healthy and beautiful tree growth. The job should be done right to get the best look and result. A certified arborist can get the job done right. While hiring an expert in tree pruning service Mount Crosby is an great option to take, many choose to prune their trees on their own. 

Should you prune your tree yourself?

Tree pruning is a job that involves tree climbing and working with cutting equipment, ladders, and other tools. The work involves a lot of manual labour. Tree work is considered as one of the most dangerous jobs because of the high rate of injury. So this job is not for the inexperienced.

Part of the danger is not knowing which branch is also rotten and you mistakenly transfer your weight to a rotten branch. This could give way beneath you and create serious damage to you and your home, and even the tree.

Also, pruning your tree with include the use of sharp tools at elevated heights. Imagine using a chainsaw while standing on a ladder. The combination of a ladder and a chainsaw is never a good one, which is why you will need special safety precautions that are not commonly available to most homeowners.

Why use arborist services?

Hiring an arborist is the safest and efficient way to take care of your trees. It’s important to do it correctly and don’t end up damaging the tree. Tree care experts know how to properly prune trees while working with care.

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