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Severe weather conditions and violent winds can damage your beautiful trees. After that, your trees may be in danger and pose hazards. Leaving a hazard tree will make you liable for any damage or injuries it may cause. 

For safety reasons, you will want to check your trees for any danger after a storm. After a storm, check your trees for:

•    Hanging branches
•    Split trunk and branches
•    Branches hanging or touching power lines 
•    Jagged and uneven canopy
•    Damage in the trunk that may cause pest infestation 
•    Sudden leaning
•    Frost heaves
•    Other unusual conditions that may be unsafe to people and nearby property

When you find any of these issues, it is best to call your local arborist to inspect your trees. They will apply the best way to fix the tree if it is possible. Getting arborist services is necessary as you do not know when the branches would fall and cause damage, especially after a storm. The tree may just break and fall at any time so your urgent call for a qualified arborist to these tree conditions is necessary.

Arborists work to maintain trees and shrubs through trimming and tree pruning service Coalfalls. Tree care and maintenance is essential to ensure trees do not interfere with public works like power lines, roads, or sidewalks. Arborist services may also be used to enhance the appearance, health, or value of trees. 

Also, an arborist can help decide whether a tree should be removed. They have the experience, skills and tools to provide tree services for you.

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