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Trees need proper care and maintenance like all living things around us, a tree can grow sick and even die. Usually, we tend to disregard the needs and sensitivities, and that improper care for a tree may cause it to get sick and perhaps end up dying.

So how can you prevent a tree from dying? It is important to avoid common tree care mistakes, that many homeowners carelessly do without realising that they are damaging or killing their tree. Bad pruning and untimely pruning can be enough cause to get your tree in a precarious situation.

Avoid the following tree care mistakes:

Cutting incorrectly. You do not just cut a branch, so be sure to cut it the right way. There are wrong ways of cutting a branch and bad pruning hurts the tree. Trees react when branches or limbs are cut. Trees seal the cut would as protection from insects, decay, and diseases creeping into the tree. Cutting too close to the tree or too far from it can affect the sealing ability of the collar. Cutting incorrectly and pruning at a wrong time leaves your tree susceptible to all kinds of problems. Use expert tree pruning service Bundamba to ensure the job is done right.

Inappropriate watering. Trees need water to live, and too much or too little water can affect their health, which can be enough cause to send your tree to an early grave. Trees are sensitive to over or underwatering, because most of the time we just rely on the weather to naturally deal with tree watering.

Trees younger than 5 years require more attention and are more sensitive to under or overwatering. When you are getting less rain than usual during the summer, you should intervene. However, make sure not to overwater the tree, otherwise, it will make it for the tree to find any oxygen in the soil.

Inexperienced Looping. Heavy-duty pruning or looping should be done right as amateur lopping can be incredibly bad for your tree. In many cases, amateurs do not know how much a tree can take without dying.

Cutting off too much foliage stresses the tree and creates problems, including:

  • The seals not growing over the branches
  • High infestation chances
  • Various shoots or suckers growing back from the source of a single cut branch

Leave the job to an expert arborist to ensure the best future growth of your tree. You can avoid tree mistakes when you have a professional arborist take care of your trees.

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