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Pruning, trimming or cutting is the most common tree maintenance procedure to give your trees extra care. It is a good practice to help trees grow strong and healthy and remove possible tree hazards.

When is the best time to prune your trees?

This depends on the purpose of pruning. You can do light pruning and the removal of dead wood anytime.  Winter pruning is also a good practice as it can result in a healthy burst of new growth when spring comes. Summer pruning is also good for corrective purposes as defective limbs can be seen more easily.

However, before you prune your trees, you will have to follow these steps to make sure that the trees are properly managed.

Evaluate the tree. Evaluating the tree will include if it is still growing and healthy, the species and the place where the tree is located should be evaluated to help the arborist determine the proper steps to take.

Remove bad branches. This includes the removal of damaged, dead and diseased branches. You should also look for branches that are weakly attached and that is rubbing from each other.

Reduce competing branches. After tree evaluation and removal of unwanted branches, you will also need to remove or reduce competing branches. You will have to focus on multiple branches that are connecting to the trunk at the same place as you want the tree to create better branch spacing by removing one each year.

You may also use tree lopping Wulkuraka to do the job for you. They will strategically prune your trees with the use of the appropriate tools. This is the best way you can help your trees to be in good condition.

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