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Your trees and your garden are very important to you and while you love your landscape there may be some animals that would also love to stay on them. One kind of animal that could create havoc not just on your garden but also on your home are possums.

Possums are mostly cute but you definitely do not want them scuttling across your power lines in the middle of the night. The worst part about having possums nesting on your tree is that you do not want to battle against them as the brushtail and ringtail possums are both protected species.

Possums are protected species and it is a bad idea to have a battle against them. If you interfere or harass or worst kill them, you may get a hefty fine of $7,773. However, it is not illegal to control them as long as you have the permit to do so.

So what can you do if possums have access to your tree? Contacting an arborist can be a great help since they can provide you with ways to stop these animals from getting inside your property. Two common ways to deter possums are placing possum guards and crown pruning.

Possum guards. Possum guards are made of a clear sheeting that is placed around the girth of a trunk. possums will not be able to climb the tree as it has a slippery frictionless surface.

​Crown pruning. Your tree lopping Woodend specialist may recommend crown pruning especially for fruit trees or vines that have close contact to homes or buildings as possums are attracted to fruits. Your arborist may recommend some changes to avoid possums close access to your house.

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