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Are you thinking of pruning your trees but don’t the right time to do it? Before you do the pruning or get tree lopping Willowbank services, it is important to know when is the best time to prune trees

The best time to prune trees is in the dormant season. That is from the beginning of fall until the beginning of spring. This is the time when the leaves fall off and the trees not doing a lot. 

Why prune trees in the dormant season? Let’s take a look at the top 4 reasons:

Fewer bugs. In the summer, lots of bugs are out and those pruning cuts on that tree can easily attract bugs. The pest may cause the tree to become ill and unhealthy.

Allow the tree to heal. It gives the cuts time to dry during the winter when there are no bugs. So when summer time comes, the healed tree won’t be attractive to bugs.

It helps the tree to allocate its resources effectively. This means the pruning the tree during the dormant season will allow the tree invest its energy for healing. The tree gets all the energy back from that investment when it starts creating leaves and promotes better growth. 

It is the best time for trees to heal. You want to make those pruning cuts during the dormant season so that so when the trees start to go active and growing it is healing the cut and not creating leaves. That is optimal for healing the cuts on the tree.

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