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Mulch is an effective way to help your trees become healthier and happier. When you use mulch your trees, you are also helping to reduce the evaporation of water which keeps it from retaining the moisture of the soil. Your trees will also benefit from this as it prevents soil compaction while providing the trees organic compounds to make them healthy.

However, there are some incidents where mulch catch fires, which can also be disastrous. This is why it is necessary to choose the right mulch, store, monitor and spread it properly. Here are some ways to use mulch safely.

Choose the right mulch

Choosing the right mulch will include choosing the safest mulch around. Some mulch is 100 per cent safe in case there is fire, while some are flammable and are easy to combust. While there are other mulches that is a combination of the two.

One of the most fire resistants that are advisable to use is the composted wood chips. They are commonly used by landscapers and tree-care professionals, and they are also cheap compared to other types of mulch.

Store and monitor the mulch properly

After choosing the type of mulch to use, make sure to store them in the right place and monitor them frequently. Proper storage will include limiting the height of the piles of the mulch and not placing them in an area where the sun can find them. Frequently check on the piles to make sure that it is not becoming too hot, and it does, make some steps to fix the situation. 

You may also ask experts tree lopping White Rock about properly mulching a tree. They can provide you with the right information about mulching.

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