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It is beneficial to invest in a tree. Trees reduce air pollution, adds shade to your yard, and value to your home. Investing in a tree has many benefits, but many people worry that it may be challenging to maintain. Proper tree lopping is one of the ways to keep in healthy. Here are tips for keeping your tree healthy and good looking for many years.

1. Prune a young tree slowly. Do not prune it like a mature tree. The young tree will benefit from gradual pruning for about four years. Remove weak and hanging branches and any branch crossing another. 

2. Do not prune lower branches on a young tree in the early stages of its life. Those little branches are important in sustaining lower parts of the tree through photosynthesis and support section going to the top. 

3. Prune a mature tree when needed. Crown cleaning or thinning is needed when you see dead or diseased branches and limbs that are rubbing or intersecting. Also, cut branches that’s rubbing against the house. You may need to remove other branches to give the tree a well-balanced canopy. 

4. An old tree in poor health will need less pruning. Prune only dead branches. This will benefit old trees as healing after pruning weakens a tree and diminishes photosynthetic capacity. Sustain old trees with fertilizer and water. 

5. Don’t prune a tree by cutting all the leaves in the middle and leaving foliage only on the outer ends of branches. It is called lion tailing, and not recommended as this method leaves the branches with a weak spot. High wind will bend the weak parts of branches and more likely to snap off. 

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