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Do you need to hire an arborist to take care of your trees? Here are some points to help you determine if you require arborists for proper tree care.

Need to prune trees? If you think your trees need pruning, you can ask an expert in tree lopping St Lucia and consult what your trees need. Fruit tree need pruning to ensure that they can produce more quantity and high quality fruits. Other trees may need periodic pruning. Some trees grow slower so pruning may actually not be needed or they may just require frequent pruning.

Do you see deadwood in the tree? You should get your trees pruned especially when there are dead branches since this can be dangerous to your property. Dead branches can also mean that your tree is also dead, which would mean that you have to call an arborist so that they can assess your tree properly.

Do you notice mushrooms and fungi growth? If you notice mushrooms, fungi or mold growth on the tree, it is a sign that your tree is in big trouble as the decomposition process is starting. If this is the case, you need to ask your trusted arborist if they can still save the tree or if the decomposition has already started with the main trunk, which will result for them to completely remove the tree from your property.

When to call the arborist? It is best to call for an arborist during winter as they are not that busy. Getting their services during the spring and summer is not bad, but they may charge more since tree growth is faster during those months. If your trees are not in real danger and you are not actually in an immediate need for pruning, you may want to ask for their winter pricing.

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