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Pruning is good for trees and having an arborist do it is recommended to get the best result. If done at the right time, this will promote good health and can even result in having more fruitage. However, one procedure most arborists would not suggest is tree topping.

Is tree topping bad? The answer is yes. Below are reasons why trees should never be topped.

Creates weak new limbs. Topping happens when the largest branches of a mature tree are drastically trimmed. When a tree is trimmed, this will create weakly attached limbs because they do not have a large branch to sprout from. Naturally, new limbs should have sprouted from a larger branch, but since the tree is topped, the natural process of adding layers of wood that overlap branches over time is cut.

The fast growth of the upper canopy. Once a tree is topped, the plant may react to trauma by creating lots of long new sprouts to rapidly regain its size.

Disfigures the tree. Those who do tree topping automatically creates a once beautiful tree into a disfigured one. Even if it was able to regrow, it will never have the same beauty and grace it once had.

Tree death. Some tree species won’t survive this procedure as this will impair their ability to capture light and turn them into food, which will lead to its early demise.

Many people choose to top trees, but before you decide to do the same with your trees better consult an expert in tree lopping Sadliers Crossing first. They can talk with you the dangers of topping and perhaps suggest an alternative to tree topping.

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