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One problem you may have if you have a property with trees is soil compaction. This happens when the soil becomes compact because of foot traffic, vehicular traffic or even pets using the same area over and over again. But why should it be a problem for your trees?

Here we are going to discuss what soil compaction is and how your tree lopping Ripley expert can help you with this.

How soil compaction can affect your property

When soil becomes compact this can reduce the rate of water infiltrating the soil, which also reduces the amount of oxygen coming in as well. This also hinders the tree roots to penetrate the soil and create a rich, dense network that will end up reducing the vigour of the tree.

Ways to deal with soil compaction

Aerating. This will need you to create a series of holes in the soil with a special tool called an aerator which can aid in removing soil compaction to prepare it to support trees. Aerating will involve drilling holes of about 7 to 8 centimetres deep to address the upper layer of the soil.


Re-grading can be done for extremely compacted soil, or if you want to see immediate results. This can be done by re-grading the entire area with the use of an earth-moving equipment and digging, stirring or mixing the compacted soil. Then, placing it back into its original location without applying too much pressure.

If you believe your soil is too compacted and want to help it get proper air exchange, water infiltration, and root development, contact your local tree lopper so that they can check your home and assess the condition of your soil.

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