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Is mulching good for trees? Mulch is an effective way to help your trees grow healthier and better. Mulching trees can also help reduce the drying of water as it works to retain moisture of the soil. It also keeps weeds out, stop root competition and prevents soil compaction. Trees benefit from these organic compounds as it promotes healthy growth.

However, some hesitate to use mulch as there are incidents of mulch caught fire, which can be really disastrous. Mulch application is good for trees but choosing the right mulch and proper application plays an important part to completely benefits from it. Here are some ways to use mulch safely.

Choose the best mulch for your trees

Part of the selection process is choosing the safest mulch around. Some mulch is completely safe and noncombustible, while some are flammable and are easy to catch fire. Some mulch is a combination of the two.

Organic mulches like wood chip mulches are the least flammable of all garden mulches.  They are commonly used by landscapers and tree-care professionals, not only because of its fire-resistant quality but also because it is cheap compared to other types of mulch. You can consult an expert in tree lopping Redbank Plains to know more about the best mulch for your trees.

Store mulch in the right place

Make sure to store them properly and check the stack regularly. Proper storage will include limiting the height of the piles of the mulch and storing them a place not exposed to the sun. Frequent checking of the piles is necessary to make sure that it is safe from catching fire. It is also helpful to have a safety plan that you can follow in case of an emergency.

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