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There are some diseases that attack trees. Fungal diseases and pest infestation can cause for a perfectly healthy tree to become sick and even die. If you suspect that your tree is stressed, sick or dying, call an arborist to help your tree.

Identifying the signs of pests diseases is essential to maintaining your trees strong and healthy. So how do you identify a sick tree? How do you know if a tree is infected by fungal diseases and pests? Here are some signs to look for:

  • Grubs or caterpillars that goes through and eat on wood
  • Discolouration on leaf or leaf loss
  •  Ripped leaf edges
  • Blisters or spots on leaf
  • Splits or cracks in the bark

These are mostly signs that your trees are infected by leaf-chewing beetles, termites and mites, and other damaging insects and even diseases. It is best to keep your trees in check since pests can infect both mature and immature foliage.

Keeping your trees healthy

Proper and timely pruning promotes healthy trees. This will likely prevent insects and diseases from infecting your trees. This will also promote the growth of healthy branches and will create proper air circulation of the tree. This can reduce the chances of fungal infection.

It is important to note that tree pruning should be done right. Improper pruning could cause the tree to get sick or even kill it. To avoid this from happening, you may want to hire an expert in tree lopping Pine Mountain to aid your trees. They will be able to know if your trees need pruning and what branches they need to focus on.

Regular inspection is necessary to monitor the health of your trees and to prevent them from getting sick. If you see any sign that your tree is sick or in possible danger, talk to an arborist right away.

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