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Having trees in your garden not just add that natural value but increases the property value as well. Having an expert in tree lopping One Mile maintain your trees is a great point especially if you intend to sell your house. However, there are instances when the trees just do not survive and die. Here are some reasons why your trees get sick and eventually die:

Adverse ground and site conditions
Not all trees can adapt to their environment. Some trees may not be just right for your property while others may be better suited to certain locations. Before you plant a particular fruit-bearing tree on your property conduct a quick research first. You can ask your arborist about the tree you want planted in your lawn. They know if the tree can adapt the environment and provide you with recommendations of what is suitable in your area.

Inappropriate location
Trees can have problem in growing when the location is too hostile for them. For instance, if the land is not providing enough moisture or if it has too much, or if the tree was planted at the wrong levels and soil which can make the tree suffer. Make sure that the soil matches the tree. At best, your specialist can conduct a soil test to give you the perfect place for your chosen plant.

Inconsistent monitoring
Trees require proper care and constant attention, especially the young ones. Failure to provide the right care will affect their health and won’t be able to grow to their full potential. Periodic tree inspection is important. Check the stability of the tree, soil condition, and check for possible infection or insects that may hurt your tree.

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