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The best way to prevent tree diseases is to keep trees healthy. Fungal diseases and pest infestation can kill a healthy tree. It is important to identify the signs of these infectious diseases to prevent your trees from dying.

If you are very concern about the health of your tree, perhaps when you look at your tree you ask yourself, what does a fungal disease infected tree and insect-infested tree look like? Here are some symptoms to look for:

  • Worms that goes through and eat on wood
  • Leaf iscolouration
  • Leaf loss
  • Shredded leaf edges
  • Blisters on leaf
  • Cracks in the bark

These are mostly signs that your trees are infected by leaf-chewing beetles, termites and mites, and other damaging insects and even diseases. It is best to keep your trees in check since pests can infect both mature and young foliage.

How to keep your trees healthy

Regular pruning. By regularly pruning your healthy trees, you are possibly avoiding insects and diseases to infect them. This will also stimulate healthy branches to grow and will encourage air circulation of the tree and can reduce the chances of fungal infection.

However, if pruning is not done right, this could also lead for the tree to get sick and even lead to its early death. To avoid this from happening, make sure to only have a certified arborist to aid your trees. They will be able to know if your trees need pruning and what branches they need to focus on.

Routine tree inspection. Regular tree inspection is the best way to monitor the health of your trees and prevent them from getting sick. There are tree lopping North Tivoli services that you can take make sure that your tree grows healthy. If you notice conditions that may affect tree health, contact your local arborist right away.

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