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Tree pruning is mostly a continuing means to help a tree grow healthy and look good. If you love taking care of trees in your yard and do the maintenance yourself, periodic pruning can be good practice for them.

Pruning in winter, during its dormancy period, is a good practice. Tree pruning during wintertime especially after the coldest part of winter has passed can have a healthy impact on the tree when spring comes.

However, before you start pruning your tree, you will have to follow these steps to make sure that the trees are properly managed.

Do assessment. Do inspection on the tree to know its condition. Tree inspection includes knowing if it is still growing and healthy, the species and the place where the tree is located. Evaluating the condition of the tree helps you determine the approach you need to take. Experts in tree lopping North Booval always begin with this process before they decide to trim the tree.

Remove bad branches. Get rid of damaged, dead and diseased branches. Branches that are weakly attached and that is rubbing from each other should be removed as well.

Reduce competing branches

Once you removed the unwanted branches, you will also need to cut or reduce competing branches. Look for multiple branches that are joining to the trunk at the same place as you want the tree to create better branch spacing by removing one on a periodic basis.

Proper tree pruning includes the use of the right tools. You can help your trees grow healthier with a good schedule of tree care and maintenance service.

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