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When is actually the best time to prune a tree? This is what most tree owners consider when thinking about tree care. Whether you are in need to get rid of the deadwood, remove possible branch hazards, or encourage new growth, you will need an expert in tree lopping Moores Pocket to help you with your tree care.

Pruning in the fall

Pruning during the tree’s dormancy is a natural practice. This means that the proper time to prune your trees is when the leaves have fallen and before the trees leaf is growing in spring. It is easier to prune when the branches can be seen clearly.

When done correctly during dormancy will result in a robust burst of new growth in the spring and is perfect for fast-growing trees such as Linden, Silver Maple, Willow and Dogwood.

Pruning in the winter

Pruning in the winter is also advantageous since it can stop the spread of disease. However, it is also important to prune trees after the coldest weather has passed since new cuts can dry quickly during a very cold spell.

Some species may also bleed such as Walnuts, Birches and Maple when the sap begins to flow. Also, if the tree is already stressed from a disease or drought or was not healthy enough before, better not do any major pruning or just wait until the tree is about to leaf to do some minor pruning.

Pruning in the spring

Most prune fruit trees in the spring to encourage new growth and maintain shape. Also, trees that can be pruned in the fall can also be pruned in the spring.

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