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Now that we are in the middle of winter, you may already be thinking about an early landscaping maintenance this spring. But, do you know that it is better to give your trees that extra care in late winter as most trees are dormant during the cold season. This is the best time to clean and prune them so talk with your arborist and discuss tree lopping Kholo before spring comes.

Here are ways you can give your trees the proper care they deserve this winter:

Tree pruning. Pruning a tree in spring summer or fall may not be the best idea for them as they tend to have more sap flowing from their wounds. There is also a great chance for the sap to attract more insects which could produce fungal spores to the cuts. This can damage your tree significantly and may even lead to its death. Pruning in the spring is also a waste of resources as the tree tried its hard to grow and develop and you will just take it away from them.

Trimming in late winter will minimize the sap flow while conserving its resources. This leaves the tree with more nutrients as the arborist take away the dead branches. Come spring, the tree will be stronger and even greener.

If you do not have any experience with trimming a tree, do not attempt at doing it especially during winter as it will not be safe for you. Better contact an arborist as they have the right tools and safety gears to prune the trees better.

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