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Trees need that extra loving care to grow healthy. It is not easy to see a tree die and removed. You do not want it to happen to your tree so when you notice any sign that suggests it is sick or hazardous,  you may want to consider cable bracing the tree before the condition gets worse and too late to save.

Failure of a big branch or trunk may result in property damage, injury, or deterioration of the tree’s health. When the tree is showing structural weakness, cabling and bracing are the two most common forms of tree support system. Your local tree lopping Karrabin can do this for your tree.

What is tree cabling and bracing?

Cable bracing is intended for trees that appear to have structural instability and their integrity to stand tall is compromised.  The arborist use cables and bracing rods to protect or improve the structural integrity of trees. It is a non-invasive procedure that lets the tree to grow with ease as it does not interfere with the tree structure.

Once an arborist decides to use this tree protection method, he will have to use a high-quality tree restraint system to ensure that the tree will not get damaged as well as the surrounding trees and plants. Depend on the severity of the condition, the tree may be given light trimming to achieve the best recovery.

When should the brace be removed?

Depending on the rate from which the tree corrects itself will be the basis of when the brace will be removed. Your arborist will be able to determine the time of recovery during their subsequent visits.

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