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Sometimes we have trees on our property that has very heavy leans to them or they have notable cracks in them and they’re presenting hazards to our property. This tree conditions put us in a conundrum of either removing them or trying to preserve them because we really like the impression they have on our property.

In order to protect these trees and make them safe one of the things that we can do is either cabling them or bracing them before it becomes too late.  Cabling and bracing are the two most basic methods of structural support for trees.

What is tree cable bracing?

Tree cable bracing is meant for trees that have manifested structural weakness and compromise its integrity to stand tall. When a cable brace is placed, it allows the tree to get back on its roots. This method is often used to lessen the potential damage to a healthy tree and to prevent damage from happening to a mature tree in decline. This non-invasive method that lets the tree to grow with ease without the need for unfavourable pruning.

Who should do the cabling and bracing job?

This is one of the tree lopping Karana Downs services you can take from your local arborist. He may suggest the use of cable bracing to protect your tree. They are well-equipped to do it all properly and ensure that the tree will not get damaged as well as the surrounding trees and plants. The tree may be given trimming to achieve the best recovery as they can give the tree a light tree pruning or total limb-lopping, which will depend on the severity of the condition.

The removal of the brace will depend on the rate of which the tree corrects itself. Your arborist will monitor the condition of the tree and tell you when it is time to remove the support from the tree. 

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