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Now that you have decided to place a tree in your property, your next step is to choose the right kind of tree which will include the height and spread of it. You will also need to consider the lighting needs, its water, and the crown shape.

The shape of the trees is actually important because this can predict how the canopy will fit into the space you are providing.

Here are the most common tree shapes:


Trees with columnar shape have narrow crowns which makes them ideal for narrow planting spaces. Such trees can blend well with homes with structural columns or for homes with long windows. Landscapers and arborists see columnar trees with fastigiated trees as the same while some arborists distinguish them separately since columnar trees have a 5:1 height-to-spread ratio while fastigiate have ratios that are closer to 10:1.


A good classic example of a pyramidal crown shape is a Christmas tree. This kind of tree has a very narrow crown at the apex and gradually becomes larger toward the ground. Other trees with a pyramidal shape are blue spruces, pin oaks, gingkoes and American hollies.


While some arborists distinguish round kind of trees from those oval-shaped crowns, but this is not actually necessary. Oval-shaped trees are great for providing added privacy for homes with a second story window while not blocking walkways and doors on ground level. Examples of trees with a round canopy are apple-box eucalyptuses, camphor laurels, and yellow bloodwoods.

You may want to ask tree lopping Karalee experts to know more about trees. They can provide you with the information you need for placing the right tree in your property.

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