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Ice and the fast changes in temperature can bring its toll on trees. Even for trees that are used to the colder months, they can still be exposed to stress. However, you can help your trees survive the winter and minimize the possible damage they may get at this time.

Frost cracking. The temperature variations from daytime heat to nighttime freezing can bring its toll on mature trees. This could lead to the outer bark and inner wood to have cracks called frost cracking. In most cases, the tree can heal itself after some time but they are vulnerable to acquire frost cracking at the same place which could also be dangerous for them. For young trees, you may consider wrapping the bark of the tree to prevent it from cracks. This will also prevent winter damage and reduce moisture loss.

Late season tree growth. The effect of rapid early frosts on late season tree growth can injure the cell walls on the new tips of branches which could lead for the young trees to die. To help your tree, do not prune your tree after the tree has gone into dormancy. The tree may be vulnerable to frost damage if you prune it too soon.

Winter drought. Winter drought can happen when the tree loses more water during the winter months. This can start during the early spring and continue during winter. While there is no real solution to winter drought, but you may be able to control the issue by placing mulch around the base of the tree before the winter’s onset.            

You may also choose to call an expert in tree lopping Ebbw Vale services to help your trees survive the winter.

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