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If you are interested in trimming your tree yourself as you want them to look beautiful as well as you want them to stay healthy, here are some tree lopping Dinmore tips that you can follow:

Know what you should trim. One of the most important steps that you should do before you start trimming is to know what branches you should cut and which parts should be kept. Only if it is necessary, but better not remove branches that are five centimetres in diameter.

Know when you should trim. It is also advisable to trim your trees in its dormant season, but you can consider trimming if there is a danger to the tree or your property. If you are going to prune your plant, make sure to wait for the coldest part of winter has already passed as this will help in creating a more active growth during the spring.

In the case when the branch is dead, you can trim it any time of the season. Make sure not to trim strong and broader branches especially for old trees. If the tree is young or it is still a shrub, you can also help by trimming some of its branches.

The fall is not considered a good time to prune your trees since fungi and decay mostly spread during this season. When you prune them during that time, the tree may not be able to recover as fast as they could which could lead to further problems.

If you are going to do in spring, make sure to wait until all the flowers have faded. For trees and shrubs that mostly produce flowers during the summer, wait for winter to do the job.

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