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We need to plant and care for trees because we benefit from them. In fact, the integration of trees in urban areas plays an important role in the development of communities. Having an expert in tree lopping Deebing Heights take of them is one way to show the love and care they need. The community benefits to the trees in many ways.

Health Benefits

Trees great sources of fresh air. They help clean pollutants from the city, creating a cooler environment and shielding pedestrians from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Trees can also help sick people to recover faster. An article published by Scientific American says a study finds living near trees comes with surprising health benefits. Recovering patients of surgery or infections and a range of other conditions living near trees and gardens have quicker healing improvement than patients who just view a brick wall.

Environmental Benefits

Trees can reduce greenhouse gases as it absorbs carbon dioxide from the air. Aside from that, trees also absorb different types of pollutants such as nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide, dust, and so much more.

Trees have an important share in cleaning the air from possible pollutants and serve the same purpose for water. Trees also serve as storm drains in when it rains. As they absorb the water, they prevent soil erosion and reduce water pollution in the area.

Economic Benefits

Having trees in urban areas has economic benefits not just for homeowners but for business owners and municipalities alike. Home properties with landscapes have better property value than homes without trees. And homes that are located on a tree-lined street can have the additional value of 18 per cent more.

Business sections with trees also serve an attraction to customers. According to a study, business establishment landscaped with trees presents a much comfortable environment that makes customers stay longer.

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