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Trees need trimming or pruning to keep them growing strong and looking great for years to come. There are certain tree situations that call for trimming. 

The best time to trim your trees is in the late fall or early winter. Trimming trees during these times will result in less stress for the tree. Other tree situations that will need trimming include:

Damaged tree after a storm – It is best to remove damaged branched immediately to prevent it from falling off and causing injury to people or damage property. You do not have to wait until the late fall to remove the broken branches that been damaged some months ago.

Branches intruding onto your roof – When you notice the tree branches are touching your roof, this means you tree needs trimming. Ignoring the branches intruding the roof of your home may one day result to property damage. You do not want to wait for the branches to fall off and damage your property before your consider cutting those safety-hazard tree limbs.

Tree branches growing close to the power lines –  Trees growing through or near the power lines are dangerous. During a storm, the branches may break and affect the power lines and create a potential path for electricity to travel to the ground. In dry weather condition, trees near power lines pose a serious fire risk as leaves or branches in contact with the lines can catch fire.

These are some tree situations that require trimming for safety reasons. Should you grab your tools and get pruning or call an expert in tree lopping Collingwood Park to get the job done for you? It is best to let the experts handle the situation to ensure the job gets done carefully.

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