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More and more people are realizing the value of trees and what they mostly give us. This has led to a great increase in the trees being planted in Australia. And while, this is certainly something to be really proud of, but many of these trees are also struggling to stay healthy simply because they homeowners are creating some mistakes in taking care of them.

Here are some of the common tree care mistakes most homeowners do:

Frequently watering them

Trees need water to remain strong and healthy, but it is necessary to know when to supply. This means that you have to provide the right amount of water and at the right time.

Watering the trees frequently although it is in small amounts will create shallow root systems that can be subjected to windthrow since the roots were not able to go deeper as it should be. However, if you soak the tree root mass completely but not frequently, the tree will be able to create deeper roots that are more stable and wind-resistant.

Planting the tree too deeply

This is one mistake most homeowners do. Although they do this because they want to make sure that the tree will be stable enough. However, planting a tree too deep in the ground can also lead for the tree to die. When the tree is planted deeper, the trunk will be subjected to too much moisture which will allow for fungi and bacteria to attack the trunk.

Wrong tree choice

While you may want to plant a specific tree in your location, but if it is the wrong tree, this may just die in the end. You may need to ask your local tree lopping Coalfalls expert for the right species and if the location is proper for the tree to know whether your choice is right.

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