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Do you know that this is the right to do some landscape maintenance while the weather is still chilly and wintry? Since most trees are dormant during the winter and remain so until early spring, this is the right time to do some proper cleanup, pruning and applying fertilizer to the soil.

Tree pruning. Tree pruning done during the spring summer or fall could make your tree vulnerable from losing more sap that could result from attracting insects, which in the end could result to an infection due to fungal spores they got from the cut.

Pruning in winter will minimize sap flow while being able to remove unhealthy branches. The tree will be left with more nutrients and water for the remaining branches so that they can also grow and become stronger.

A challenging part when pruning in winter is the winter cold itself. It is challenging enough to climb a ladder and start cutting branches, combined this with the chilly breeze and snow, well you get the point! If you are uncertain and uncomfortable with pruning the tree in winter, you are best to just hire a professional in tree lopping Churchill to come to your property and have the trees trim for you.

Proper cleanup. It is necessary to do a proper cleanup of the leaves before the temperatures rise up because the fungi left on the fallen leaves may infect the tree once spring comes. Rake the fallen leaves into a pile and burn or bury them to kill any active fungi.

Fertilize it. During the late winter, you can start fertilizing the trees so that they will more time to seep the nutrients into the soil before spring begins. However, you do not have to fertilize your trees every late winter. Mature trees should only fertilize every three to four years while slowly growing trees can be fertilized every year.

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