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Trees need pruning. What happens to trees when you prune them? It is interesting to know that trees do not heal when you cut their branch and do tree lopping Bundamba. It is important to do pruning the right way as incorrect pruning could lead to tree sickness and possibly lead to its untimely death.

Cut parts of the become exposed to pests and unwanted pathogens. While trees do not heal, they have the ability to evolved and protect their wounds from threats. And in most cases, the wound will go in just a short time. It grows new wood that mostly develops around the wound to stop it from being exposed. Once the wound is sealed, the tree is no longer at risk of getting decay or disease.

This process of sealing is called tree compartmentalization. The process is slow and it may even take months or even years especially if it was a major branch that was pruned. In the past, arborists used to apply paint to the cut wounds with the use of non-toxic paints. They believe it could help seal the would and prevent fungi, bacteria and bugs.

However, studies show that this method is not good for the tree. It can impede the rate of the branch while it is in the process of compartmentalization. Also, the paint can trap moisture and fungal spores.

Tree pruning done by arborists is the best way to get the job done right. If you are considering pruning your trees, it is best to consult make with a trusted arborist.

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