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One of the ways to care for your trees is to prune them. Arborists recommend pruning because it is good for trees. If done properly and at the right time, it promotes good health and can even result in having more fruitage. A well-maintained tree is healthier and looks better so it is important to learn how to prune correctly

When is pruning bad for trees?

There’s a good reason to have an expert prune your trees. Arborists know how to do it right. Improper pruning can do lasting damage or even cut the tree’s life. It can change the condition of a tree as each cut has the potential to affect the growth of the tree. No branch should be cut without a reason.

Proper tree pruning helps

Pruning maintains safety. You may need to take out branches that impede passing vehicles or broken branches before they fall down on a person, car, or building.

Pruning can control the direction in which a plant grows. Each cut you make, you stop growth in one direction and promote it in another. This is why it is necessary to prune trees in the right way.

Pruning promotes good tree health. Trees and shrubs stay healthier when you cut diseased, dead, pest-ridden branches. It is also a way to remove branches rubbing together.

So before you decide to prune your tree, better consult an expert in tree lopping Bundamba so they can discuss with you the proper way to do it or do a better option, which using expert tree pruning service.

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