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Storms and high winds that can affect your trees and present potential hazards. Pruning your tree can help prevent tree hazards caused by a storm.

You will be responsible for any property damage that may occur from your trees. Tree hazards caused by a storm could involve split tree branches, uneven canopy, affected power lines, frost heaving, or holes or crevices in the trunk that could start pests infestation.

Storm-damaged trees are dangerous. Strong winds during a storm can cause structural damage to the tree. Weak branches may fall and cause property damage or worse injure nearby people. There are instances where a damaged or dead tree could fall or harm a home.

It is important to have your trees inspected for potential dangers and risk that may occur when a storm come. You may be able to cut small branches that are not that hard to reach on your own. However, you better leave the hard to reach branches and large ones that may need some pruning done by your local tree lopping Blacksoil.

A well-equipped arborist will be able to distinguish limbs that need trimming or pruning, dangerous branches that may be touching the power line, or if there are tree problems that may need attention. Once the arborist identifies what is needed to be done, they will be able to do the proper treatment and remove possible problems before it can even occur.

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