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Do you need arborist services? Here is to help you determine if you need to hire an arborist to take care of your trees.​

Do your trees need pruning? 

How do you know your trees need pruning? Ask an arborist to know what your trees need. Pruning is helpful for trees as it promotes healthy growth. Some trees require periodical pruning while some slow-growing trees do not need frequent pruning.

Do you need to cut off dead branches?  

You need to prune your trees often to remove dead branches. Also, you need to remove other branches that are growing in an awkward direction. Dead branches can be dangerous to people and property under the tree so better remove them. Dead branches can also mean that your tree is dying. Call an arborist to assess the health of your tree properly.

What to do about mould, mushrooms and fungi at the base of trees? 

Do you notice mushrooms or fungi growth at the base of the tree? This could mean that your tree is in a state of decomposition. If this is the case, you need to ask your arborist if they can save the tree or if decay has already reached the main trunk. If so, then the tree needs to be completely removed from your property.

Do you need arborist services? 

While basic tree work is something you can accomplish, other tree works are tough. For major tree work, it is best to use arborist services. Proper pruning is good for trees and that is the advantage of having an arborist take care of this job for your trees. Other services you can use include tree lopping Belbowrie, tree removal, stump grinding, tree care services and more.

If your trees are not in real danger and you are conscious about your tree health you can take advantage of the arborist’s experience and expertise in tree maintenance service.

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