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It is a useful practice to trim your trees as it helps them remain healthy and works as a preventive measure to avoid damage to nearby property.  

Service from tree lopping Basin Pocket can trim diseased branches, branches hanging over your roof and electrical lines. If you want to trim your trees, trimming smaller trees may be a doable task you can do. Before you start trimming your trees, here are important tree trimming reminders you should know:

  • Safety is paramount so use proper safety gear, such as pants, long sleeves, gloves, and safety glasses.
  • Don’t attempt to cut branches too high or near power lines; these cases are better handled by an expert.
  • Cut diseased and dying limbs.
  • Don’t use paint or any patching material as trees are capable of naturally healing itself.
  • Wait for a flowering tree to bloom for the season before you do trimming.
  • Never trim a tree in the same year you planted it.
  • Consider trimming a tree after a storm to remove damaged branches.
  • Don’t over-trim a tree. Trim less than twenty-five per cent of the tree at one time.
  • Trim shrub to manage overgrowth but avoid trimming too much wood. 
  • Never use climbing spikes when trimming as they can hurt and even kill a tree.
  • Don’t hesitate to use a professional tree trimming service, even if the job seems small.  

Keeping these reminders in mind will help you properly trim smaller trees on your property and make the task safe and easy.  Remember, it is always best to call a professional tree service for more complex and dangerous tree work.

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