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There are a lot of benefits to having trees in our urban community which includes an added appeal on our neighbourhood, improve the social well-being and health of the people living on it. Many use tree lopping Barellan Point services for tree care and management. In Australia, we have encouraged our community to live in harmony with trees and so far it has greatly benefited us. 

Here are more benefits to having trees:

Benefits the economy

It is not just the homes that benefit from trees economically, but businesses and municipalities too. The value of homes with trees is typically worth 2 to 15 per cent of home without trees, while homes that are located on a tree-lined street are valued up to 18% more.

Part of the reason for this is that trees help in conserving energy. In the summer, trees are great in providing shade that can reduce the cost of air conditioning. During the winter, trees serve as a windbreak that lowers heating costs.

And do you know that businesses with trees drive in more customers than businesses that don’t? Studies have shown that people tend to stay longer in a property with trees than those without.

When it comes to municipalities, trees save on stormwater management costs by giving a common means of lessening the result of stormwater.

Benefits the environment

Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air, store it, and finally release the oxygen back in the atmosphere, which results in the reduction of greenhouse gases. Trees also absorb different other pollutants such as nitrogen oxide, ammonia, dust, ozone, sulphur dioxide, and so on.

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