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The thought of a tree falling on your property can be alarming and also unsafe, and if it falls on your neighbour’s property this can be even trickier. Many years ago, tree owners and their neighbours would debate on who is more responsible when a tree branch or the tree itself falls on a neighbour’s yard.

Lawyers would make a lot of money when it comes to such disputes which may result in higher insurance rates. Then, it was later decided that the property line would be a determining factor to end such legal disputes.

How does property line work?

The legal line of property and what is above vertically determines who is responsible for the tree. For instance, if the tree in your yard leans over the neighbour’s yard, then your neighbour will be responsible for the leaning part.

If your tree is 10 feet from the property line that falls on the neighbour’s home, fence or yard, you will be responsible for the repair and the 10 feet. But your neighbour will also be responsible for the rest of the damage.

But there is also an exception to the rule. If the neighbour already notified the owner of the tree in writing, and the insurance company also knew the risk, then the tree owner will be responsible for both sides of the line.

Before your tree becomes hazardous because it has a risk of falling, better contact an expert in tree lopping Barella Point to help you determine its health. This way, you won’t get to any dispute with your neighbour.

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