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In botany, Chlorosis is a nutritional disease that many trees encounter. Trees experience this when leaves produce insufficient chlorophyll​ due to a lack of micronutrients and poor fertilization, specifically the deficiency of iron in the tree’s soil. This condition can be prevented with proper management of the tree health and early detection of diseases. 

What to do to prevent iron Chlorosis? Here we talk about the symptoms and treatments for this tree disease.

Indication your tree has Chlorosis 
An indication that a tree suffers from Chlorosis is the yellowing of foliage with dark green veins. In other situations, the leaf becomes white with yellow veins. If you suspect a tree is experiencing iron deficiency, then dismiss all other likely causes, such as insect infestation, that may be harmful to your greenery.

Chlorosis Treatment & ControlChlorosis is one of the most common disease symptoms that can be treated. It is easy to treat your landscape for Chlorosis and restore its natural shade and look. You can determine the presence of Chlorosis by checking the pH level of an affected tree. Once the condition is confirmed, a simple and cost-effective treatment would be using fertilized soil with micronutrients like iron sulphate and elemental sulphur. It will be most helpful in either the autumn or early spring periods.​

While Chlorosis affecting your trees can be treated, it is still best to take preventative measures. When possible choose greenery that is more sustainable in high pH soils. Overwatering can strain the soil of vital iron levels and other micronutrients. Add drainage to reduce soil saturation and maintaining the health of your landscape.

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