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Tree Expert Arborist – What To Do To Help Struggling Trees In Summer

Tree Expert Arborist

The hot and dry weather conditions affect the trees on your property. During the summers, trees need help to secure the root system and have proper water and nourishment to stay healthy.

You can avail of tree care services from your local tree expert arborist to help them. From professional tree trimming to removal services, your trees will get the love and care they deserve. It is beneficial during the warm season. Here are some of the essential areas for protecting trees during the summertime.

Proper watering

Water is essential to trees as proper watering and nutrient nourishment is vital to healthy tree growth. Trees differ in their watering needs. The rule of thumb for established trees is 10 gallons of water for each inch of the tree’s diameter.

Mulching Trees

Mulching is vital for tree health. It has numerous benefits when used in the garden. It offers many potential nutrients and a better receiving surface for water and other elements. It shades and cools the soil, adds organic matter and nutrients to the ground, and reduces compaction. It also helps keep grass and other plants from growing under and competing with the trees. Proper mulching can benefit the tree, so do not use too little or too much.

Help drought-stressed trees

Even if trees are well cared for, some will struggle with water supply or other hot and dry weather issues. Getting the services of a tree care specialist can help in these issues. Arborist services range from fall fertilization to other tree care services that help trees recover from drought.

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