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Tree Expert Arborist – Do You Need A Permit To Remove A Tree?

Tree Expert Arborist

We hate to see a tree cut down. But when the time has finally come, how do you start? Who should you call? Do you need a permit? These are just a few questions to consider before you can finally have a tree removed.

Generally, hazard trees are taken down for safety reasons. Dying, diseased or dead trees can pose a serious danger to the safety of people around and nearby properties if it collapses. You may end up spending a lot on repairs and headaches dealing with the problem.

Whether you want to remove a tree because of its declining health or it has already died, it is important to call a certified arborist to assess the tree in question.

Do you need a permit?

In Australia, cutting down protected or endangered trees is illegal. In the case of other trees that may be in your yard, you do not need the approval to have clear trees on the property within 10 meters of the home. You can clear the vegetation such as shrubs on the property that is within 50 meters without any approval from the authorities. 

However, you may need to have council approval if you want a tree removed. The council follows a strict guideline on tree removal that is depending on species, size and location. If you want to get a permit quickly, check with your professional arborist if they can get you a permit. But of course, attaining such a permit will still depend on their assessment.

Tree removal is not as easy as it looks. However, you will want to make sure you get the right help from a tree expert arborist and follow the right guideline for proper removal. 

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