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What is the difference between stump grinding and stump removal? Some people are actually confused between these two processes, which is mostly happens after a tree is cut from your property.

Homeowners sometimes ignore a stump right after it has been cut, which could leave to a couple of problems in the property. If this happens a stump removal crew will be called to get rid of the stump. However, problems can arise if the arborist makes you choose between stump grinding and stump removal.

Stump grinding. This procedure is more common than removal because it is a lot simpler. You just need to have a grinder and start grinding the trunk. However, the grinder is a heavy and difficult machinery. If you do not have adequate experience in handling this tool, better leave it to the expert.

To begin this process, an arborist will grind the stump to a pulp and the small pieces of the wood will be the base to cover the ground, thus making sure that there is no hole left.

Stump removal. This procedure is more challenging and also time-consuming since you will remove the roots along with the stump. And if the tree is tall, getting the entire root can be a burden. However, removal is still achievable since most companies offer such services and they will mostly use different tools to effectively remove the whole stump.

Another problem with stump removal is what they mostly leave when the task is done. Unlike stump grinding Silkstone, stump removal will leave a big hole on the ground from where the location of the tree was. You do have an option of placing a new and young tree instead so you do can still use that space.

Whatever you choose between the two, make sure to only contact a licensed arborist to ensure that they have all the right equipment to accomplish the task.

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