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After a tree has been cut, your property will be left with an ugly looking stump. Your next step is to remove the stump so that you can use the space to widen your garden or lawn. Some homeowners believe that they can grind the stump on your own, but do you know that it is more practical and safe to hire a specialist to do the stump grinding Raceview?

The problem with removing the stump on your own

While you can grind the stump and do it your own, but the process will require time and a lot of effort as this project will require you to saw, do a lot of shovelling, drilling and grinding. If you want to make the process a bit easier, you will need to rent a stump grinder that may cost you around $80 to $200 a day or you can buy your own grinder that will cost you thousands of dollars.

Using the stump grinder will also require special skills and you have to familiarize yourself with the equipment as it will be hazardous if you don’t. To keep it safe, you have to wear a jumpsuit, goggles, boots and gloves to protect yourself from flying debris. The process with you experimenting on the grinder may even take you hours and could even finish the jobs in days.

When hiring a professional

When you hire a tree arborist to get rid of the stump, you will not just get a professional stump grinder, but their equipment too. They will remove the stump, saving you more time and money. The cost of getting rid of stumps will depend on the diameter of the tree which is around $100 to $170.

So what process would you like to take? Are you still thinking of doing it on your own or hire a professional to do it for you?

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