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Tree stumps are mostly considered safety hazards and are ugly to look at. Most homeowners who own a cut tree knows the struggle of having one or a lot on their property and it is actually best if you can deal with this problem as soon as you can.

The difficulty of having a tree stump is that they can actually be remarkably resilient and may put up a good fight as you try to get rid of them. The roots are actually deeper than what you just see and it will take some skills to remove them completely.

Whether you enlist the help of a stump grinding Muirlea or stump removal company, there are basic ways to get rid of them.

Burn in

Yes, burn the stump to the ground! Although this method may take a lot of time, the process is effective to properly dispose of the stump the right way. While the oxygen-bathed outer portions of the stump will burn right away, the internal portions may take a bit of time.

Make sure to be safe always because it is the fire we are talking about. There are different kinds of commercial accelerants to make the process faster. Just make sure to follow the directions of the manufacturer.

Grind the Stump

This is the most common method when dealing with tree stumps because compared to burning, this process is much safer and convenient. Arborists and landscapers mostly recommend this process and should also be considered the top option.

The process of removing the stump is easier as the stump grinder will chew the stump with its chisel-like teeth that are placed on a spinning disc. But a word of caution to those who are going to use a stump grinder, if this is your first time, be very careful as the equipment is not a toy. If you are in doubt of the process, better live into a professional stump grinding company.

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