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Once a tree has been cut down, have the stump removed as well. However, some property owners ignore the stump and leave on the ground. There are good reasons to remove tree stumps at your premises.

Why remove a tree stump be removed?

Potential tripping hazard. If you have children who like to play around, it will just be a matter of time before they trip over one of the attached roots and hurt themselves. Visitors at your home may not be familiar with the property, and the stump may trip someone over as he or she walks around.

Harboring insects. When a stump starts to decay and rot, it is an open invitation to insects and wood-boring pests. The old stump is a haven not just for insects but for animals too. While you allow the stump to stay in your property, you are also allowing pests to spread their habitat.

Fungi growth. Fungi can easily grow in old stumps. When this happens, the decay will start to spread, which can affect healthy trees nearby.

Reduce property value. Ugly stumps reduce the property value of your home as it affects the property’s curb appeal. Your home’s curb appeal is going to fall when you leave tree stumps on the ground.

When you remove a tree at your premises, better include the tree stump in the removal service to avoid common hazards of leaving tree stumps. Contact an arborist for stump grinding Kenmore.     

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