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Trees look lovely in your garden but there are some situations that will make you consider using a tree removal service. Once removed, what should you do with the stump it leaves on the ground? Here are some scenarios why leaving a tree stump behind and why ignoring the need for stump grinding Kenmore is a bad idea.

Pest infestation. Once a tree stump rots out, the wood then attracts pests. When this happens, the tree stump gets infected with beetles, ants, and termites that can potentially make their way to your property. While they might not cause troubles for your garden, they will cause problems to your home, especially termites. To help protect your home and property from wood-eating pests, take advantage of tree removal services and have that tree trump removed.

Stumps poses danger. If you had a tree stump in your yard for a very long time, you might’ve grown accustomed to its presence and learned how to avoid it. However, visitors and neighbours don’t know there’s a tree stump in your yard. Tree stumps, especially those that are cut low to the ground, present a tripping hazard. Say you’re having a summer barbeque… guests who are not familiar with your yard might not see the tree stump and could end up falling and hurting themselves. Tree stumps can pose even greater hazards to young children and seniors, which is why you should consider tree removal services right away, especially if you plan on hosting barbeques and get-togethers this summer.

Stumps grow fast. It’s a common misconception that tree stumps die after they’re cut down. While this does happen from time to time, it’s common for trees to sprout new growth around them. While you might not think those young trees pose any problems, we want you to realize that those trees are sucking away your soil’s resources. An active tree stump is literally absorbing the moisture and nutrients that would have otherwise fed your lawn, garden, plants, and nearby trees, which is why you need to consider removing the tree stump right away to avoid harming the health of your other greenery.

Stumps are obstruction. Tree stumps left in your yard become an annoyance, especially when you must mow the lawn. How many times have you tried maneuvering around tree stump only to end up on top of it and destroying your lawnmower or weedwhacker? Now you have a headache and have to shell out extra money to have your equipment prepared.

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