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If there is a stump left in your yard for a long time, then removing it from your land should be a top concern. Stumps are not just difficult to look at, but they can also be a trip hazard and a breeding ground for pests.

Tree stumps can be a home to pests like termites. These wood-boring pests will enter your home once they have spent the stump or find a place to create a bigger colony. Also, an infested tree stump can also affect the health of the other plants and trees around your yard. 

The dangers of leaving a tree stump in your yard are endless and removing it will remove the dangers. Whether you plan to do the process on your own or hire a stump removal company, make sure that it is removed correctly.

Stump removal

Chopping up the major roots with an axe is an option that can be done. However, this method is not easy and actually not safe particularly if you do not have experience in using an axe. If you are with the idea of removing the stump, you can contact a stump grinding service and discuss your options.

How about explosives? Some have used explosives to remove the stump. Note that this option is only given to professionals and not something that you should attempt to do.  Often times, professionals in stump grinding Karana Downs use safer, more cost-effective, and easier solutions to remove tree stumps in a residential or commercial area. Tree service expert may suggest this option when the location is on vast tracts of lands in rural places. 

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