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An ugly stump is left after tree removal. Perhaps you think if you need to remove the stump too. Here are some points why consider stump removal.

The first obvious thing about stumps in your lawn is that they look bad. After tree removal, you will be left with an ugly looking stump. If you are meticulous about the look of your yard, you know that a stump does not appeal in your landscaping. 

Stumps can also create new sprouts or small trees around the stump which looks unattractive. These small trees if left untreated can become leeches as they take off nutrients from other plants located near them.

Stumps are hazards.  Stumps are trip-hazards as children may trip on them when they are playing. Also, a small part of the tree that remains when the rest of it has been removed can damage your lawnmower if you hit it accidentally. 

Bugs are attracted to tree stumps. The remaining part of the tree will rot away over time, which can greatly attract bugs and destructive insects. These insects can live in the decaying wood and in time may even create a pest infestation. 

Stumps take up space in your yard. The stump and roots may occupy a lot of space. Removing the stump creates space you may want to use for a flowerbed, herb garden or a picnic area.

There are advantages in stump removal. Use stump grinding to get rid of the unwanted obstruction on your lawn.

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