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Is tree stump removal necessary? Some property owners ignore the presence of stump in their garden or yard. The tree stump can be an eyesore and cause a series of problems that can be dangerous and costly. 

Here are reasons to get tree stumps removed:

Safety hazard. Tree stumps can easily be a tripping hazard for your kids and visitors. If kids often play in your garden or yard, it will just be a matter of time before they trip over the stump and hurt themselves. Also, those who are visiting your home may not be familiar with your garden may tumble onto one and can be seriously hurt.

Possible pest infestation. As the stump decay and rot, it can attract different types of insects most especially termites. Commonly, insects will move in and create nests inside of the stumps. These insects will be everywhere else around your home which may lead to a serious pest infestation.

Growth of invasive plants. Mushrooms and fungi can sprout all over the tree stump. The appearance of mushroom and fungi is a sign of decaying and this may affect healthy trees nearby. It is also potentially dangerous to pets.

You risk reducing your property values down. Tree stumps look unsightly and can affect the overall value of the property. It easily gets rid of the property’s curb appeal.

When you tree stumps removed from your property, the simplest way is to have it done right after tree removal. It can be a DIY task, however, if you are not up for the task and find it a bit overwhelming, better use the services of an expert in stump grinding Ipswich to remove the stumps.

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